Maureen Vana Photography

The moments that matter the most, are the moments in between.

Photography has been a vehicle to continually change my surroundings and find myself in places I never imagined to be. It has allowed for encounters with eccentric, humble, and exciting people. Some of whom have become my greatest friends.

This all access pass to the world is my tool to tell a story. Sometimes mine, sometimes yours, but always chosen with care.

Maureen Vana graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Photography. She has had the pleasure of contributing work to Fuse TV, Playboy Enterprises Inc, NBC5 Chicago, BangerFilms (VH1), Warner Bros. Records, Zuma Press, Corbis, Revolver Magazine, Modern Drummer Magazine, BMI, Akoo Theater, YSK (Yoshiki X Japan), Musicpix, Lumino Magazine, and more.